Hey, my names Eleanor and I like taking photos. I've decided to post them to a blog as I think people would find it boring if I constantly  posted photos from my trips onto Instagram. One of favourite types of photos to take is pictures of signs and roads as it reminds me what the area was really like and not just the touristy parts. So expect to see quite a few roads!
This photo was taken on the drive down from Mauna Kea, Maui Hawaii this summer. The top of this Volcano was one of my favourite parts of the Island because it's like an oasis from the miles of beaches as you just see above the clouds.  About two days later we went back and watched the sunset it was so amazingly beautiful, after the sunset we joined a star gazing group from the University of Hawaii...but more about that in later posts. So yeah have a little nose at my previous posts and leave a comment if you wish (only nice ones please!) :)


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Hi my name's Eleanor I'm 15 yrs old and from Wiltshire, UK. I decided to make this blog to share pictures from my holiday but now it's spread to be a more lifestyle blog. I hope you enjoy :)