Why you should visit Bath (the city)

My favourite place in my neck of the woods is Bath ( the city not the bath bath). It's a lovely Georgian(?) city with fantastic history.
The main tourist attract is the Roman Spas: you can wander around the Roman Baths reading the signs or using the headset tours. It's always our first place to bring foreign friends when they come visit us. I'm a bit of a history geek and find it soo cool to think Bath was a place that people travelled to from all over the country and still do today. Also they do actually have a working Spa at the moment with a roof top pool, I'm waiting for my 18th birthday until I can go, but if you're over 18 then check it out, apparently it's very nice...

When I go shopping with friends we always go to Bath because it's so easy by train and they have loads of shops and restaurants all in one area so you don't have to hick miles. At the bottom of town by the train station and bus stations is where all the new shops are. From Topshop to Hollister they're all there ( where I spend most my time and money...) Because the main high street is uphill you kinda make your way up, it's all pedestrianised and has a very relaxed shopping feel (except on the run up to Christmas).

My favourite Cafe in Bath is Society Cafe, it's off the main High Street which is good if you want to escape from the crowds. It's on a little square with a few other cafes and THE MOST AMAZING BURRITO BAR!
Anyway Society Cafe is a small independent Cafe with fantastic cakes and sandwiches, it's aways got loads of students studying in there. Downstairs they've converted a cinema room into a conference area for bigger groups. I 100% recommend the dark hot chocolate it's amazing!

Another reason to visit Bath is because of the architecture. If you've read one of my previous posts ' 9 hrs in Brighton', I wrote about the beautiful buildings along the Sea front in Hove and how timeless they are. Well if you're also a fan of white washed terrace houses like me, you'll love Royal Cresent. It's basically a massive Crescent of houses ( hence the name) in front of a huge lawn. During the summer there's always people picnicking on the lawns or playing mini golf in the gardens, and counting down to Christmas the lights look amazing!
*Fun fact *- The Snapchat sticker for Bath is of Royal Cresent

Bath's on the direct service from London to Cardiff on the First Great Western Train service and only takes around 2hrs from London Paddington. So come visit!

BTW if you're a bit Youtube obsessed (me), the Suggs ( Zoella and Thatcher Joe), were brought up in a village just outside of Bath. So you might be lucky and bump into them, it's never happened to me but I won't stop trying! :')

Bye x :)


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