Bluebird Tea Co. Haul

You might remember a couple of weeks ago I visited Brighton with my Mum and Sister and we went to this amazing Tea shop called Bluebird Tea Co.  We only bought one packet of tea because we ordered an Iced Drink and to be honest we didn't want to but loads of tea, come home and realise we didn't actually like it that much.
How wrong we were, this tea is the best I've ever tasted.  I don't really like Coffee or normal tea so I was looking for something nice and warm to drink in the mornings when I didn't want to be filled up with a hot chocolate.
Every tea I've tried smells delicious and tastes as good as it smells and it's not bitter at all. I bought the Strawberry Lemonade tea and I've drank it every morning since October :'), so towards the end of December I have been rationing the tea bags. I was defiently eager to get my hands on some more packets.

Bluebird Tea Co only have 2 stores: The Lanes Brighton and in the Royal Victoria Place shopping centre in Kent. But their online store is so easy to navigate and they ship worldwide for only a small cost. I don't live near any of these stores so my only hope in getting some more of this delicious tea was to order them online and constantly remind my parents how nice the tea is so I could get some for Christmas.

The pestering actually paid off and on christmas morning I peaked a box under the tree that still had the Bluebird Tea Co label on the top. I opening the box many hours later to find my beloved Strawberry Lemonade tea and many others which I had been looking at online.

In my package I'd received:

  • A Cold Brew Tea Filter Bottle. Cold Brew Coffee became very popular this summer and Cold Brew Tea is equally as delicious ( I'm presuming because I don't like coffee). This bottle allows you to create your own Iced Tea using any loose leaf tea you have , maintaing the luscious flavour without the bitter flavour you often get with ice tea. The process only takes  between 3-6 hrs. I'm very excited to try this out!

  • An Incup infuser basket. Previously I used tea bags but it actually works out more economical if you buy the tea in loose leaf packages because basically you get more for your money, and if you go in store they actually weigh the tea out for you from these massive tins that line the walls, which is quite cool ( it looks like an old fashioned sweet shop but for tea!). The in-cup infuser sits on top of your mug, you add the tea leaves and let the tea infuse into the water. It's very clean and easy and you don't get any bits in your tea, even I didn't make a mess and I'm very clumsy. There are multiple different types of infusers  but this one is the cheapest.

  • Watermelon Splash Loose Tea. Made with "Chinese Green Tea, White Tea, dried apple pieces, hibiscus, rosehip, dried coconut, pineapple, lemongrass, lemon peel" I read this and automatically told my mum, this tea sounds absolutely delicious, possibly quite summery and great cold brewed. ( There is a link between these purchases). I haven't actually tried this tea yet but it smells delicious and every tea I've drank from Bluebird Tea Co has been amazing so my hopes are high!

  • Mojitea Loose Tea. Like Watermelon Splash this tea is based upon Green Tea with a few other ingredients, to be specific Peppermint and Lime. I picked out this tea because it sounded quite like the Pret a Manger Tropical Green Tea which is the! My favourite type of tea is Green Tea so I hope this will mix up my everyday cuppa and possibly add a bit more excitement to my mornings!

  • Strawberry Lemonade. " Bluebird's best selling fantastically fruity infusion", and you can totally tell why. Equally delicious cold and hot this tea is delicious I find it really helps settle any sweet cravings I have which has been great through this festive season! If you are thinking about purchasing any Bluebird Tea Co tea you have to buy some Strawberry Lemonade otherwise you're seriously missing out! 

 Okay so that's the end of my Bluebird Tea haul, I'm really excited to try out all these flavours and hope you found this post useful. If you haven't gathered by now I adore this company and think they have a very unique and special business.
Comment below your favourite flavour tea or fav present! x

Bye x :)

* All opinions are my own, I'm not sponsored by Bluebird Tea Co. *


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