Sky Garden- London

Okay picture the situation:
You've just walked 4 miles across central London in 3inch healed boots because your Oyster Card wasn't working- yep your feet hurt, you're feeling pretty stressed out.
This was me- Saturday 23rd January around 16:30

My extended family and I were going out for a meal in London after it got postponed before Christmas. At 17:00 we meet up at the Sky Garden London:

When we arrived there was quite a few security precautions which would be what you'd expect, in a tourist attraction in Central London, after an airport styled security check we reached the front on the , suprislingly , short queue an waited our turn for the elevator. I don't like elevators, like really don't, so prepared myself for 3 minutes of hell. You'd be happy to know that 35 floors took only 35 seconds and straight away we found ourselves at the top.

The Sky Garden is on top of a skyscraper in The City ( London's business district). And is pretty much a massive greenhouse on top of a business building. Inside there's 2 restaurants and 1 bar. You have to book in advance for the restaurants but the bar comes with the normal admission ticket.
Of course I didn't drink because I'm underage but I did come up to the bar with my Grandparents.
The guy behind the bar was making sure every cocktail he produced was a piece of art, like all the staff he was really friendly and made the evening feel really special.
Even if my grandparents thought the act was too much... but then again they're just really impatient and old :')

However the main attraction was the view, as we stepped outside all my stress and anxiety from earlier on disappeared. It was just beautiful. You could see the bend of the Thames: from the 02, past Tower Bridge and down to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. It was truly magical.

I would give the experience:

Service: 9/10
Drinks: 8/10
Food: 7/10 ( I didn't actually try any but it looked delicious)
View: 10/10 ( even better if it was a clear night)
Instagram worthy: 10/10
 All together : 9/10
I would strongly recommend visiting, it's cheaper than going up the Shard and you get the London Skyline with the Shard in it as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Comment below what you did at the weekend or where you like going in London.
Bye x


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