A few of my favourite songs - January 2016

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about my favourite books, and I thought I'd do the same but with a few of my favourite songs instead. Normally I go through phases of loving a complete album but recently I've been loving select songs from different albums, so I thought I'd share them with you.
So here's a few of my favourite songs:

for him. Troye Sivan (feat. Allday)

I flipping love Troye Sivan : music, style , personality and YouTube channel. He's just the cutest guy and then out of nowhere in 2014 he released this amazing EP. Ever since the he's taken the music world by storm. His new album Blue Neighbourhood is amazing, his voice is so clear and beautiful. I honestly couldn't choose 1 favourite from this album so I narrowed it down to 2. for him is catchy and clever , when you listen to the lyrics, it reminds me a bit of FUN from his first EP TRXYE which great because it was my favourite song so that's great!

BLUE. Troye Sivan (feat. Alex Hope)
Both Sivan and Hope have beautiful voices and combine it's breathtaking. It's a beautiful love song without being really soppy. To describe it in one word I would say: CHILL

Dazzle. Oh Wonder
Midnight Moon. Oh Wonder
A couple from London who have such chemistry in their harmonies. This album popped up on my Spotify a couple of months ago, and I literally listened to the album on repeat for hours. All the songs flow beautifully from one another so you can listen to them all in one sitting. After chain listening to this album I finally decide to buy it , especially as it brought me through my mock exams. Because I bought the album on vinyl it was a bit pricy but I don't regret a thing. The whole album is fantastic but my favourite are Dazzle and Midnight Moon. Give this album a listen!

Haiti. Arcade Fire
Rebellion (Lies). Arcade Fire
Believe it or not this album is actually 11 years old! Still timeless and amazing. I don't really know a lot about Arcade Fire, I'm guessing their Canadian from their accent and because they do randomly start singing in French. Shazam is an amazing thing, literally in every ad break I'm always shaming songs , especially on car adverts. I first heard this song in the film The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty ( a fab film, defiantly worth a watch) I just had to find out what song it was ( Wake Up). I bought the album straight away and I'm so glad I did. Remember to listen to the album in order because they do carry on from each other. A really really fantastic album!

Comment below your favourite songs/ albums I'd love to know! :)
Bye x


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