What would do in an Apocalyspe Tag

What would you do in an Apocalypse?
For some reason I've always wondered this- my Mum thinks it's a "Teenage phase " but I don't think that's a thing.
Last week I went to see The 5th Wave with my friends and it really made me wonder. If you haven't seen The 5th Wave I would strongly recommend it, I've read the book and the film didn't let it down.
Without spoiling it too much I'll give you a summary on the storey line:

  • Basically Aliens ( the others) are trying to take over earth and they're doing it in a series of different waves. In the first wave all electricity, power phone signals, cars and planes stop working. I can't tell you what happens in the next 4 waves without spoiling it... so go watch it!
Anyway, so after that film I've been having this really weird apocalyptic dreams e.g all the adults disappear, we get stranded at school , disease wiping out populations. IKR some of them have been really weird. AND if you live in the UK you'll know we've been having really stormy weather recently and today at school we had a power cut, the heating and wifi also went down. It was scary/ exciting, all my friends were getting really annoyed at me because I kept on saying things like " What if we get trapped here over night??? "

I've made a plan of what I would do if I was at school and the 1st Wave happened:
  1. Find my little sister because honestly who wouldn't find their sibling and she'd be rubbish in an emergency
  2. Come together with my best friend and her siblings because my sister and her best friend is the little sister of my best friend ( it's really convenient )
  3. If I was at school then I'd get together with all my friends who live in the same village and then we could walk home in a big group ( safety in numbers)
  4. Once home ( assuming there is no power, cars or adults) I would check if the water was working then go round the village shop and take all the bottled drinks and cans
  5. Then disperse all the food around the house so if someone did try and ransack it they couldn't take all our food
  6. Make an emergency bag if we had to leave really quickly: Torches, batteries, camera, water bottles, photo albums, my sister, cans and any other stuff
  7. If we had to leave then I would cycle with my sister and my friends family to the nearby RAF base, because they're everywhere near where I live and stay with the military because they'll know what to do
So that's what I'd do in an Apocalypse... I hope I haven't jinxed it now...
Comment below what you'd do in this situation, oh and go watch The 5th Wave you won't regret it!
We could  make this into a tag : What would you do in an Apocalypse Tag?
If you do this tag leave the link in the comments I'd love to read it.
Hope you enjoyed this tag :)
Have a good week
Bye x


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