Bluebird Tea Co.

I would like to say this will be my last Brighton related post, but I'm not ready for that kind of commitment just yet. As I said (or wrote?) in my previous post, that I did some 'research' before I visited Brighton. Another, place which sounded really nice was Bluebird Tea Co.

I am a massive Tea fan, I don't drink coffee or your regular tea tea, I prefer herbal teas as I just prefer the taste.
Anyway when we were wandering down the main street in The Lanes I spotted the little sign above the cafe and we headed straight inside. When we walked down it was sooo much more impressive than I first thought it might be. The walls we lined with tins of tea, from your bog standard English Breakfast to Rhubarb and Custard flavour ! Because it was Autumn and coming up to Halloween BBTC had rustled up some gorgeous seasonal flavours, such as Pumpkin Spice flavour!

Behind the counter a young man and women were busy taking samples from the different pots and allowing people to sniff and taste the teas before they made their purchase. You could either buy the tea without bags and done by weight or in tea bags. They were even selling fancy tea strainer thingy systems to strain your own tea, wow that was a great description :')

But the thing that caught my eye was the black board at the back of the shop, which showed the teas you could take away including Iced tea...

Now, I'm a Green Tea kinda girl but when it comes to Iced Tea I'm straight there from Arizona to Lipton's I just love Iced Tea and it's a shame they don't have it as much in England as they do in America. Anyway I'm getting side tracked here. Basically they were selling Strawberry Lemonade Iced Tea and it was delicious...
Outside the store they have cute deck chairs to sit in whilst sipping your tea and watching the world the go. Or if you wanted to have a little break from the busy lanes you could relax at the back of the shop sitting on a comfy bench.

Of course we purchased some tea (and a mug) because we couldn't leave empty handed...

So if you ever find yourself feeling a bit parched when visiting Brighton I strongly recommend having a little nose in BBTC it's amazing.

 If you want you can check out their website : 


  1. Do you have any suggestions on what flavour of tea I should try?

    xx Rida Lasne

    1. I bought the Strawberry Lemonade flavour because it was so nice iced and it's equally delicious hot , the Green Tea is also amazing.



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