Sparklers and my solution to Bonfire Night.

As you probably know on the 5th of November in the UK we celebrate Bonfire night or Guy Fawkes night (it has lots of different names).

So from the 4th to the 9th of November you can hear fireworks going off across the country. I like fireworks but defiantly from a distance. Mainly, because every time there's a bang I jump... and it's really embarrassing.
So I found a solution;  from a window in my parents room I can look across the fields and see the local display all from the comfort of my duvet. I can see the fireworks and don't have to hear them- perfect.

Also because the village I live in is on top of a hill,in the outskirts of a lager town so I can also see multiple displays at the same time. They look so small and cute from higher up, one day I want to see bonfire night from a plane. How cool would it be to be flying from the west country all over to Heathrow? I think it would be just beautiful, but you'd would have to have a window seat thought!

Even though I don't like fireworks I still love Sparklers: they're a bonfire night must have and are a loads of fun.
Yesterday I was reading Zoella's blog post about them and thought how beautiful the photos she toke were. At the bottom of the post she mentioned the camera settings she used to take the pictures. So I thought I'd have a go:

Yeah it's means to say Ellie... it's a bit harder than it looks... 

I don't have a tripod so I put my camera on the garden wall, defiantly don't hold the camera as it will ruin the effect.
I used my Sony 5000 on : ISO 100, Aperture 7.1, Exposure ranging from 15-25 seconds depending on what I was drawing.


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