9hrs in Brighton

This Half term I've discovered that at some point in my life I NEED to live in Brighton.

This may be harder than it sounds because:
A) I currently live 2-3hrs away
B) It's a "desirable" place to live which means that renting a decent property could mean spending my lives savings on my weekly rent.
C) I can't drive...
So maybe it's not possible at the moment, and why would it,  I'm 15 years old and currently my biggest worries about money are "do I have enough money for that cute pinafore in Topshop AND this Vinyl?" ( recently my dad bought a record player, so I'm going through a vinyl phase).

So for the moment I spend my afternoons on Zoopla, gazing at the beautiful 'period sea- front properties' that Brighton and Hove have to offer. I just really hope I'm not the only 15 year old that does this...

But, it's just the perfect place for me as it has a perfect balance of everything. I'll make a list:

  1. It's by the Sea- there's something about being by the Seaside that makes me feel so calm and at ease (cheeky Troye Sivan reference). The sound of the waves gently hitting the shore is so relaxing.
  2. It's the perfect balance of the city and countryside. I'm a country girl, I live on a tiny road opposite a Cow field with no street lights ( I know... it's sooo boring) Brighton is a bustling busy city but it's by the sea and about a 20 minute drive from the centre you're back in the countryside. So if I have any urges to go back and visit some cows ( I highly doubt it) then I'll have the piece of mind that I can.
  3. It's close to London- At a young age I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to spend my life stuck in (insert town I live in here) and wanted to move to London. As I got older I realised that living in London can be a tad pricy... Brighton's only about a 30 minute train away from Gatwick, so reaching the Capital isn't too difficult.
  4. The architecture is beautiful- the white washed Georgian (?) buildings are very similar to the ones in Bath and Kensington which I think are just timeless and beautiful.
  5. The Shopping- from the Lanes to Churchill Square shopping centre, Brighton has a huge variety of shops which offer two totally different experiences.
Sorry this list is actually getting quite long, I promise this is the last one :

6. Between the main road  that runs along the front and the beach is this long wide pedestrian pavement with a big lawn section next to it. All through the day this was filled with people jogging, walking dogs and roller-blading! Brighton just seems like such a friendly, sociable place to live.

All of this from just a 9hr trip, so I guess I've just got to go back...


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