The Search for Breakfast

As you can probably tell from my last post, I enjoyed my time in Brighton very much. Before going to Brighton I did some 'research' which basically meant re-watching Zoe's vlogs ( Morezoella) to find any places that we should defiantly visit.

One, of these places was called SliceSussex which I believe Zoe, Joe and Alfie visit in a vlog called " Justin Bieber pranks me!". The food there sounded and looked amazing, so I found the address online and we set off.

My first mistake was not looking at the scale of google maps because I foolishly thought " Oh, it's only a few streets away from the pier , we'll easily find it". Oh, how wrong I was, those " few streets" happened to be 3 miles and was going to take us approximately 1hr and 3 minutes. Anyway, my mum said it sounded really nice so we'll get a taxi there and then walk back to digest our breakfast. When, we hopped into the taxi a gave the man the addresses from the website.

However, when he dropped us of it all seemed a bit wrong, I looked up at wear the Cafe should have been and I saw what looked like a foot spa... and it didn't sound like a foot spa online. I believed the mistake I made was giving the man the Brighton address when the addresses online was for Hove, so we started walking. We finally gave up and eat in a small, but nice, turkish cafe where I had this amazing hot chocolate and rice pudding. Fast forward 24 hrs, I was still really confused because I believed that I got the correct addresses I've been on a DofE expedition and didn't get  (too) lost. So I returned to Slice Sussex's website and clicked on the link to their Facebook page, only to find that they shut down about 6 months ago...

What I've learnt is always to look at the scale on google maps and Slice Sussex can you please make it more obvious on your website that the Cafe doesn't exist anymore... I was really looking forward to your Salted Caramel Brownies... - Zoe's Vlog


  1. I've wanted to visit Brighton for the longest time!!! It seems absolutely gorgeous!! (and the fact that Zoe and Alfie live there is a perk too) I would love it if you could check out my blog and possibly give me any feedback. I have enjoyed looking through yours!!!

    1. It's defiantly worth a visit if you come to the UK! :) I really liked your blog you seem like a very nice and funny person which really comes through with your writing, you could maybe add more photos if you wanted to grab peoples attention but other than that I really liked reading your blog! I was just wondering how you discovered mine?



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