The Future is scary

Soo I'm currently in a very confusing part of my school life (I'm dreading deciding what Uni to go to).
Currently I'm a very confused 15 year old girl in my last year at Secondary School and I don't know what to do with my life.
To go to Sixth Form or to go to College that is the question?
Okay what I'm going to do is create a pro and con list, this may be useful to other people I don't really know but to be honest it might help me.

Pros of Sixth Form

  • I know the teachers and they know me
  • Half my friendship group is staying at Sixth Form and I'll miss them
  • It's closer and takes less time in the morning to get there ( longer in bed )
  • The bus is cheaper
  • Oldest on the bus (back seats, don't judge we all want to be there)
  • You get to jump to the front on the que in the Cafeteria
Cons of Sixth Form

  • They don't have all the courses I want
  • Year 7's... lots of children... everywhere
  • The food in the Cafeteria is mank
  • The common room is tiny and there isn't many computers
  • The Yr12 hate us and we hate them
Pros of College

  • The History course is right up my alley
  • My best friend is going there 
  • It's in a nicer town, where you can walk into in free lessons
  • There's a forest behind the college (good for instagram...)
  • There's a coffee and hot chocolate machine in the Cafe
  • They offer a photography A level
  • The food is nicer
Cons of College

  • I'm a very awkward person and college means more people
  • I don't know the teachers
  • I'll miss my chums even random people I never talk to. They've always just been there for 5 years and then suddenly they won't :(
  • What if I hate it?
I honestly don't what to do :(
Leave a comment below if you're in the same situation or you've already been through this process. I'd love to hear about your experiences :)

Okay I'm going to go now have a bath; watch the live stream of Joe and Caspar Hit The Road Premier and try to relax.
Bye x


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