My love of Polaroids

About a year ago I noticed how many digital photos I take and they just get lost in pages of social media sides and in photo libraries. Which is strange because I put a lot of effort into taking photos, editing them,for them just to get lost as phone memory.
So I decided I would change this, I wanted to display the photos I toke because with each photo there's a memory attached: I stood in a hole to get the best lighting or knocking my sister in her mouth after she feel into the pool. Photos are precious things as they remind us of exciting moments as we start to forget them.

So my first step was to start printing pictures off. I didn't use my printer at home because the paper isn't as good and the ink is realllllyyy expensive.
 My mum introduced me to this site called SnapFish. The website easily lets you put photos into albums from your camera or phone, you just need a USB port. You can then choose if you want a border or date in the corner the just press order,  you'll receive your photos in about a week. It's that simple and the pictures are cheaper and better quality than printing them off at home.

The other physical photos I have are off my polaroid camera. I have the Instax Mini 8 in Blue. My advice on buying polaroid cameras is NOT to buy them from Urban Outfitters. 
I love Urban Outfitters it's a really edgy cool store where I buy stuff I don't need... anyway multiple times I've been caught out, I've bought things in store then found them in other places for so much cheaper.
 For example last summer I bought a glass jar with a straw attached in the lid from UO,"Oh my smoothies will look so tumblry in this jar". In UO it cost me 12 pounds , my sister found a pack of 6 in Home Sense for a tenner, she still teases me about it today... The Moral of the storey the produce in UO can be bought else where for much cheaper you just need to look around. Which is where this storey leads me to the purchasing of my polaroid camera ( sorry it toke me quite a while...). 

I'd been contemplating on buying a polaroid camera for a long time but my parents kept warning me because there is an ongoing cost as you have to buy the film seperatly. At the start of my holiday we went shopping in San Jose Ca. In the shopping centre there was an UO where they were selling the cameras for $100 and the film for $35, I held off a bit then went to Best Buy next door where they were selling the cameras for $75 and the film for $15! What a bargain!

I love my polaroid camera to this day and I'm so glad I bit the bullet. The camera looks cute on my shelf and I've decorated my wall with the instant photos. I must admit some of my film has been wasted because I (stupidly) didn't read the instructions manual, but that's a part of the fun, waiting anxiously for the picture to develop, you only get 1 shot which is very different to the digital era we live in.

Every couple of months I change the photos that I display in my room around. This photo mobile my friend bought me from UO(bit of a hypocrite...sorry) It's really good because you can display multiple photos if you want to keep your wall empty.
I also display photos above my bed, this was really easy. All you need is some string and paper clips. Attach a some string on your wall then using paper clips, clip your photos on. You can change the photos really easily and you don't make any marks on your wall.

 I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I tend to ramble and go off on a tangent sometimes so sorry about that. I hope you had/ have a nice day.
Bye x


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