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Hiya! And Happy New Year to you!
I'm sorry there wasn't a post last week I came back from holiday; my laptops dying a slow painful death and my mock exams are coming up next week. In fact I should really be revising right now... oh well. So it wasn't the best start to 2016 but I'm hoping to redeem myself now. 
So this post will be the first of what may become a series it may not, we'll just have to see. I wanted to show what I'm currently loving but not in a " Monthly favourites" post because they're everywhere and it's fun to be a bit different.
Okay let's get into this:

I'm a daughter of a Secondary School Librarian which means my mum often thrusts books at me so I can trial them out for her aka "What age group it's suitable for?" etc. My mum has always loved books even before she became a Librarian and she must have passed it down to me. Book's are special things that can transport us anywhere for an hour or so if we wish. From District 12 to 753 BC,  no seas can't be crossed no Galaxy too far away. The world's our oyster.

This year books have brought me to tears multiple times and I want to share these fabulous novels with you.  
Let's begin:
Thirteen Reason Why - Jay Asher

Written from the perspective of Clay Jenson ,  a boy who came home one day to find a package addressed to him from Hannah Baker a girl in his class who committed Suicide earlier that year. Inside the package is 13 recordings Hannah left, explaining to thirteen different people how they contributed to pushing her to end her life. A beutiful book about recognising "invisble" people and how little actions can make a big difference on someone elses life. It makes you think, it reallly does. And definetly worth a read.

All The Bright Places- Jennifer Niven

This storey is a double narrative book, where one chapter is from characters point of view and the other to the other main character. I normally find this a bit annoying and hard to keep track on who's talking, but the way Niven does it is beutiful. It follows the storey of Theodore Finch and Violet Markey, Violet is finding herself after her sister's tragic death and Finch is in a dark place. They fall in love in the most beautiful way. You can binge read this book or read a few chapters and come back to it 2 weeks later, and it's still amazing. I strongly strongly recommend giving this a read!

Between- Jessica Warman

Oooo this one's a good'un. Written from the point of view of Elizabeth who wakes up to find her dead body floating in the water outside her yacht. Together with another ghost, Alex, they try and patch her memory back together so she can find out what really happened the night she died. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat, with plot twists at every corner. I don't want to ruin in for you, so to sum the book up I would say it's a Romantic Murder Mystery...

Extraordinary Mean - Robin Schneider

If you're a fan of John Green this will be right up your alley. Lane has his life planned out in front of him but he's thrown off track when he's sent to Latham House, a school for sick teens. But then he meets Sadie and she shows him what he's been missing whilst he's been stuck in his room studying. It's a bitter sweet love storey about two sick teens and the last couple of chapters will leave you in tears You'll have to read it to find out why...

I've just realised that all these books are quite depressing and about death... I promise they're not that dark and depressing...
I hope you enjoyed having a nose at a few of my fav books, comment below your favourite book or what your reading at the moment, I'm always looking for new material! :)

If you've got mocks this week like me, then good luck! Don't stress too much they're just mocks... well that's what I'm trying to tell myself :')

Bye x


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