We all need some privacy

Okay think back to the summer of 2008, yes I know that was quite a while ago, but it's when this storey started.
I'll give you a bit of background information: from the years of 2005-2008 I lived in San Jose, California with my family ( well obviously- you don't see a young child living on their own in a foreign country for 3 years.. *face palm*) We went out and lived there because my dad's job got transferred to Silicon Valley and because we lived there because of Intel they payed for my education. So in September 2005 my parents bundled me off to this private school. Now these kids were rich- like seriously rich. All new money off course, urning their millions off Apple and Google. One of my friends lived in the middle of nowhere up in the Santa Clara mountains, her house (mansion) came with acres and acres of land and swimming pool with a pool house of course. So that's just a little taster of the children who studied there.
The school was very hippy, chilled and relaxed. We ran everywhere across the campus, crossing the brook to Science lessons, our only worry was getting a Mountain Lion on campus because we had no fences. At a young age we are easily influenced by others and I guess this school had a big effect on me and it all came back this summer when we were in the Hollywood Hills...

 We were driving back down from the Hollywood Sign and I noticed on lots of street corners they were selling " Celebrity Houses " maps, a people were actually queuing up to buy these.
How can people pay money to invade other people's privacy, just because they are so called " Celebrities"? It's a fact that's always confused and upset me, from the summer of 2008 after 3 years at hippy school and in summer 2015 10 years later. I get it people are in Hollywood and want to spot a few celebs but buying maps so they can drive up to some poor persons house and have a peek. Now that's just taking it to far. It's basically commercialised stalking, but without the guilt, you just hand over a few dollars to some creep whose job it is to find the houses of 'Celebrities". They already share enough in Movies, TV shows and interviews, you why can't people leave it at that!
As you can probably tell this really bugs me.

Now we have a new breed of celebrities who found their fame online, it's got even worse. I get it, youtubers seems more approachable than celebrities. Sorry to break it to you but they may feel like your  best friends but you're not.  You've never meet and the chances of having a conversation to them that lasts more than 5 minutes are very slim.
So why do some 12 year olds think it's expectable to ring on their door bells asking for selfies; posts notes on their cars and ring them up? All of the above has happened to Zoe Sugg aka Zoella, if they were true viewers they would know that she suffers from panic attacks and anxiety, and to be honest having children hanging around your gates must be quiet upsetting and scary. They may have the best intentions but still it's not really right.
"Celebrities" are normal people and they deserve to have privacy just like everyone else.

Okay rant over- I'm sorry I just needed to get that all out of my system...

I hope you have a very merry Christmas ! ( That sounds sarcastic- I promise it's not)
Bye :)x


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