48 hrs in LA

As we're getting into the colder darker and bleaker parts of the year it's nice to think of the light at the end of this dark tunnel- Summer.
 Last year my summer holiday was one I'd been waiting  around 5 years. On our way home we had one last speedy stop in LA and I mean speedy, we were in LA for literally 48 hours. So I've decided to create a really quick guide of what we did in our time to use our time there effectively. We had barely anytime so this is only a quick outline of what to do in LA.
That took a while I'm sorry, so here is 48hrs in LA:

Where to stay: LA ,of course, is a very big city, if you want to stay somewhere where the beach, pier, restaurants, cafes and shops are only a quick walk away Santa Monica is the place to stay. However because it's such a nice area the prices for a hotel are astronomical. If you don't want to spend over $400 a night your best bet is staying a bit further away from the sea front. We staying in a Double Tree Hilton, it was basic but perfectly nice. The rooms were clean and the staff friendly, they also provide family rooms which are very spacious and great if you don't want to buy 2 rooms.

Where to eat: My favourite part of LA was the food, it's so fresh healthy and defiantly Instagram worthy. Just a short walk away from our hotel was this really nice chain of cafes called Joan's on Third. From pastries to cooked breakfasts this place had everything and it was all delicious.
Before coming out to America I'd been doing some research ( Instagram stalking) and found this really cute looking juice bar. Juicing has become really popular in the past year and probably it started in LA. Pressed Juicery has loads of different juices from Green juices to your classic apple. My favourite thing they did was these iced juices. You chose your juice, I went for the Green Juice which contained kiwi, apple, kale and ginger, and it came out of a frozen yogurt machine. It was soo delicious I had mine without any topping because it was already quite pricy but they had loads to chose from like flacked almonds and cocao nibs. Just a piece of advice: if a drink doesn't have a price on it, it's probably really expensive. My dad wasn't to pleased when accidentally bought a $10 juice...

I'm going to do another post on all the things we got up to in LA because even though we didn't have much time we sure did cram everything in :')
 I hope you enjoyed this post and find it useful if you're planning on visiting LA.
Bye :)x


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