The love of my holiday

I love Shave Ice, there's something about it that seems so exotic, special and different from ice cream. The wacky and amazing flavour combinations, yes, I know you can do the same for Ice Cream but the way the flavours overlap in the coloured cones just seems more subtle and exciting. I'd have Shave Ice before I came to hawaii and this was at Longleat Centre Parcs ( I know very exotic!) . And it was a bit... the 'snow' was hard and crunchy and the flavours were just really basic. Your bog standard strawberry that dyed half your face pink but didn't release any flavour....

soo mank. Obviously Shave Ice was on my bucket list of things to try in America. Again my mum studied her guide book and we stumbled across this little corner shop/ cafe on the side of the road. In the corner was this guy possibly late teens early twenties on a summer job pleasing the tourists. We started by chosesing our flavour combination from a board above his head with about 20 flavours, to make things easier he had a sign with possible flavour combinations if you wanted to stay safe.

He started by putting a block of ice, which was about the size of my head, under this industrial sander and placed a bright plastic cone underneath. Slowly, little flakes of ice drifted down into the cone, after the cone was full he whacked it down with a massive spatula. Next, he reached into his fridge and picked out the different flavour syrups. When he was done I was chocking with laughter as he was doing this task with so much skill and artistry I didn't know if he was playing it off for the tourists... or he was just a bit weird...

I handed the man my money and in return I received a massive snow cone. The snow melted on my tongue leaving the sweet taste of the flavours. Centre Parcs you need to step up your game!
So yeah, that is how I developed my love for Shave Ice, and I can tell you it wasn't my last of the holiday!


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