Maui Botanical Gardens

During our holidays my mum studied her guide book like a textbook and if she circled something, we were going. So when she came across the Botanical Gardens it was obvious it would be our next destination. So one day my Grandma, Mum, Sister and I, jumped into our tiny rental car and drove across the island. Everywhere we travelled by car we passed the sugar factory, it was strange to see a large factory pumping out black smoke into the beautiful blue skies of paradise. But we were told that harvesting sugar was the main cause of income before tourism took over, so I guess it was nice to see old traditions even if they involve pumping carbon dioxide and soot into the atmosphere!

Anyway, after passing the sugar factory we started to climb up the steep slope of the valley and multiple times I feared we would have to get out and push our car up the hill! (Thankfully she made it up).

The lady in the entrance was very friendly and offered to lend us her umbrella if the run did come. Obviously we took it because we're British and when someone offers you an umbrella you take it! She gave us a map of the garden and sent us on our way. 
In summary it was pretty much a collection of the most beautiful flowers and plants from Hawaii and the Polynesian area ( I know I'm being vague... I just can't remember every country!).  
These photographs below are a collection of my favourite from the gardens:

 The Chameleon was so cool... even though we didn't see it change colour :)


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