Little ways to tumblrise your room!

Do you have a really empty part of your room and just don't know what to do with it? 
Well then these room decor ideas are just for you- carry on reading for some quick and easy ways to spice up your room!
Sand Bottles: This is a great way to remind you of your holiday in a bit of a different way. Firstly, plan ahead ,if you're going somewhere with a beach this year or you live on the coastline, you don't want to come home and regret no picking up any sand. 
Okay, so when you're packing remember to bring lots of Zip Lock Bags ( they need to be nice and strong- sandy clothes is never a nice surprise) and a Sharpie Marker. Now whenever you're thinking of going to the beach or out for a meal bring them with you. 
I collected sand from the beach across the restaurant we were eating in to Venice Beach ( it was quite difficult balancing a bag of sand on my lap whilst navigating the busy boardwalk of Santa Monica on a bike. 

Okay so you're back home, the holiday blues have hit and you just want to be back on the beach, oh that's handy you have lots of bags of sand in the bottom of your case... maybe making your own sand pit isn't the best idea but a sand bottle certainly is. Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Empty your sand out bag by bag and let the sand sit on top of a tray or some kind of flat surface, just keep the labelled bag with the correct sand. This is because the sand might be damp and you want it to dry before you put it in the bottles ( mouldy bottles aren't really the look we were going for )
  2. Whilst the sand is drying you can find some bottles to put your sand in. You can look at Pinterest for inspiration- I found my bottles in Wilko for around 1-3 pound each.
  3. When the sand is completely dry- put a funnel on top of the bottles and pour the different sand into each one, remembering to put the labelled bag next to each bottle.
  4. Finally, label each bottle using a Sharpie ( take a photo of each of the bottles incase the pen rubs off)

Terrarium: If you're a bit of a Cacti lover like me then this is a good way to spice up your collection
You will need:

  • A glass container to house your cacti, I found mine at Oliver Bonas but UO and most Garden Centres stock similar containers
  • Gravel, I just took some off my drive but Pet Stores and Garden Centres stock the right stuff
  • Cacti Compost- apparently you can't use ' multi-use compost' but Cacti compost is easy to find in Garden Centres
  • Carbon gravel- this soaks up any moisture and stops it going mouldy. The best place to find this stuff is from a Pet Store because it's used in fish tanks. 
  • Cacti/ Succulent of your choice

Let's do this:

  1. Place a thin layer of gravel at the bottom of the glass container making sure not to smash or scratch the glass
  2. Then scatter the carbon gravel on top of the normal gravel
  3. Add some of the compost and wet it slightly, then create a small pit in the centre ready for your plant
  4. Gently place the plant in the hole and add the compost around the roots (you might want to wear gloves for this bit, cacti are very sharp)
  5. Then add some more carbon pieces and pack the compost around the plant, but make sure the actual plant sits above the compost
  6. Using a spray bottle water the Cacti
That's it- you're done. Water the Cacti once a week during wet and dark weather and every other day during hot sunny weather.

I hope you liked these room ideas.
If you do them then you can tweet pictures of them to me at: itsellabella_, I'd love to see them!
Bye x


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